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Fuente Opus X Perfecxion X Cigar Reviews Ep19 Pt2 Brand History

Welcome to the Dr. Joe show! In this Cigar Review episode, we take an in-depth look at the wonderful world of Fuente! As we travel this long and winding time…
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Cigar Rolling in the Dominican Republic.

Here a torcedora rolls a cigar at the Matasa factory in Santiago DR. It takes her about a minute to roll one cigar. She demonstrates the gentle touch needed …

Manny Quesada Talking About Taking His Cigar Manufacturing To The… Continue reading

Cigar Rolling from Dominican Republic

Cigar Rolling Freizeit Reise Messe München. Februar 2012.
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tobacco flower time lapse 01

tobacco flower time lapse 01

I didn’t have any tissue culture experiments running so I filmed some tobacco used in another project that had reached flowering stage.
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